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january has been a busy month, and this is not quite everything she has done. what has your favourite iu moment been in january?

Lovelyz First Listen Thoughts

Having never watched or listened to Lovelyz (but I keep meaning too) I thought I'd do so today and write down my thoughts as I go through the MV's by them (and then maybe the albums depending on how much I get done today.)

Post writing some of this, it's getting super long and kind of heavy on the media front and I would like to appologise for that, hopefully it's not too bad, each song is seperated with a bold letter first and spaced out.

First up is 'Good Night Like Yesterday'

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Let's Talk: Pristin's Kyla + FatShaming

So this is a topic that keeps coming up I've noticed, so lets talk about it. 

However, first a few comments, Kyla is 15, her birthday is 26 December 2001, as a side note this makes her younger than Jeon Somi and (at the time of debut) quite a few of the idols on this list. Another note Pledis has not released an official weight for either Sungyeon or Kyla, it did not originally release a weight for Yehanna either, implying this has something to do with the Produce 101 appearances. 

Show Champion (Fan Attack)
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BlackPink Live Performances Chat

It's been a while since I did one of these posts (or it feels like it) (which is just criminal I am loving some stages)

Having watched several amazing live stages from WJSN I wanted a genre change, something completely different and so that led to BlackPink who have less stages but plenty of talent. 

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WJSN - 'I Wish' Era Live Stage Chatttttt

Okay, I have some fairly serious free time at the moment if that wasn't already clear so I have binged these stages and they give me life. They're so pretty and honestly I am feeling the vibe so much, the dancing and outfits and stage setups. The only thing I want to change... the key of the song, it's just too high for most of the girls and considering how gorgeous their lower register is I mean seems silly. 

That being said I'm super glad the song did well over all and I'm proud of the girls working so hard and doing so well!

First chat, the outfits. I liked most of them, they worked them super well and honestly Dayoung looked adorable so did Seola and Dawon. I was impressed with Luda and Yeoreum managed to pull of their parts so well considering how little time they got. China line did amazing as always. I did feel we lost a few of the members slightly more this era based on the fact they did have some outfits that made them blend into one. Or made just one or two of them stand out... (Not so good of the stylists). 

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